Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Domestic Goddess

Yesterday I made a cake so beautiful that I had to stand back and admire it for a while, revelling in my newfound role as Domestic Goddess. I was unashamedly proud.

I love baking. For me there is nothing quite so relaxing and with quite such satisfactory (read yummy) results. I take a disproportionate amount of pleasure from feeding people cake. If I ever had children I would be one of those mum's that spoils them rotten with freshly baked goodies. My kitchen cupboards would be filled with an array of tins and cookie cutters that would no doubt topple out every time I opened them. At school fetes my competitive streak would raise its ugly head and I would spend sleepless nights with a wooden spoon and mixing bowl in an attempt to prove myself as the ultimate woman amongst all those other mothers. Any burning / inadequate icing issues would bring on a wealth of insecurities and most probably tears. All in all I would be a bit of a nightmare. One of the reasons why I think it's probably best that I never have children. Ever.
Nonetheless, when planning what to bring with me to university I realised a cake tin and scales are essentials. I could not last 42 weeks without baking a cake. I recently found out where I will be living coming September - in a university owned building in Hackney split into flats of 4 rooms. I am beginning to become slightly concerned about what will happen if one of the other 3 have a strong aversion to pink / girlyness. My room is going to be tiny but I'm planning on Libbifying it with pink cushions, bunting and pages from Vogue decorating my wardrobe. I will be bringing with me a pink apron, pink collander, pink cooking utensils and a cake tin. Oh dear. They are going to hate me.

But at least I will bake them all cake.

After all, this is me, and Minnie Mouse IS my style icon. (See image above: Minnie Mouse's Kitchen. And if I only knew the Disney Store made pink Minnie Mouse play kitchens like the one below when I was younger...)
How could you fail to love this pink cookie cutter (£1.75) that just happens to be shaped like a bunny. No prizes for guessing what my favourite animal is.
Nigella Lawson offers up the prettiest measuring jug I have ever seen. (£22 John Lewis)
And for taking the freshly baked cakes out of the oven: this pink gingham oven mitt will fulfill all Minnie Mouse fantasies. (£5 John Lewis)
To achieve the full effect when using these flower shaped cases (£8 for 12, John Lewis) top the cake with some fresh flower petals.

What an egg timer... (£5.50 John Lewis)

And this apron (£17.50 John Lewis) is so pretty I'd be tempted to wear it out and about. Either way, it is the perfect apron for a Domestic Goddess.


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