Sunday, 13 June 2010

When the dog bites, when the bee stings...

It has not been a good week in Libbyland. But in moments like these, I just try to think of Julie Andrews in 'The Sound of Music'. No, I'm not talking about her uncanny skill for creating dresses out of curtains, but for that infamous song trilled in a rainstorm: "These are a few of my favourite things." As much as I love the whiskers on kittens and wild geese that fly with the moon on their wing, here are a few more of MY favourite things...

When I'm feeling sad and not sure what to do, a bath always seems a good place to start. However, I have just realised what my baths have been missing - a pink rubber duck complete with feather boa. With that pink pout, lashes and furry collar she really is a glamour duckie.

And for the ultimate bathing experience, Lush has the answer. These are pink glittery 'bubble bars' that you pop in the bath to infuse it with scent, colour, and in this case, glitter. A pink, sugary scented, SPARKLY bath. Yes please.
I recently paid a visit to the Dune shop in Cambridge, and would have gladly left with the whole shop in a size 6. However, of all the gorgeous shoes there was one pair that stood out. Because this pair just happen to be the embodiment of the perfect Libby shoe. When I saw these heels adorned with polka dot ribbons and bow, my hands couldn't help but reach out to stroke them, and my face couldn't help but light up in an enormous smile. To make it even better, guess what the shoes are called? Joy. :) I was dangerously close to parting with £80 before reality struck me. I sadly realised that no, I am NOT going to a glorious garden party this summer, and no, I am NOT going to Ascot either.
However, all was not lost. Because they come in pumps too - pumps that won't kill your feet or make you fall over. And that cost £35. This evening I decided that these pumps are a neccessary investment based on a simple equation: polka dots + ribbon + bows + shoes + Libby = these shoes would give me a lot of happiness. Unfortunately, they are sold out in my size, but I have put my name down to be notified as soon as they come back in stock...
When I think of Monsoon I tend to think of beautiful dresses, and trying on said dresses with my girlfriends (yes we do pretend we have somewhere fancy to wear them just because we enjoy putting them on but can't really afford them). Therefore I was pleasantly surprised when I saw these cerise pink shoes on their website. They actually make my mouth water, and at £55 they are less expensive than they look. Only trouble is, I'd need the dress to match...
Pretty pink polka dot knickers always make me smile.

I love the bright pink watch I bought recently from New Look, but part of me wishes I'd seen this one from Accessorize first. Mine may be lovely, but it doesn't have my favourite word printed on its face.
Here is a rather strange one from my list of favourite things: the sound of bangles jingling and jangling on my wrist. Just the phrase 'jingling and jangling' is enough to make me giggle. These Accessorize ones are fabulously colourful - they make me think of sweeties. And I class anything that makes me think of sweeties as a very good thing.
I have great admiration for the person who stood up in a Topshop meeting and said: "Ok, so we've conquered the high-street with our clothes. What we really need to be making now are pink hair straighteners." I personally don't have the patience for straightening my hair, but I think I might have to start just to warrant buying a pair of these mini pink straighteners. Well they are only £10...
Fact: listening to happy music is scientifically proven to cheer you up because the beat sends a signal to your brain to release happy chemicals, which then fill your body like helium filling a balloon. (Ok, I just made that up, but I'm sure it's true).

Here are a few of my favourite cheer-me-up songs:

Build me up buttercup - The Foundations (Possibly my all-time favourite song)
Big girls don't cry - Four Seasons
Dog days are over - Florence and the Machine (I would secretly love to be Florence Welch)
You really got me - The Kinks (Preferably when listened to whilst dancing around the sitting room with two of my best friends)
Don't stop me now - Queen

And even better would be to listen to these songs through these fabulous pink headphones from Urban Outfitters.
One of my favourite things: gingham. Preferably when pink.

Whilst shopping in John Lewis the other day I accidentally made the fatal step across the invisible line that is supposed to seperate the plebs like me from the designer shoppers. You can tell you have crossed this line when you notice the massive security tags accessorising the handbags, and the fact that all the bags around you are chained to their stands. If you still haven't noticed your faux-pas a shop assistant wearing a neck-scarf and heels will come up and ask you if you are ok. That is your cue for realising your error and heading sheepishly back across the line.

Before this happened, I just had time, however, to clock this pink Mulberry handbag. Big mistake. I will now never be able to stop wistfully pondering ways of conjuring £495. Because that is one lovely pink bag.
Another one of my favourite things: colouring pencils.

And the perfect home for some freshly sharpened colouring pencils - this Mulberry pencil case. :) (Who knew Mulberry made pencil cases??)
The phrase on this picture says it all really, and made me smile.
I love this Cath Kidston teepee. It looks perfect for piling with cushions and then climbing inside to hide from the world.
And finally...this has to be one of my favourite films. Elle Woods, (as played by Reese Witherspoon) is my role model. She prints her resumé on pink scented paper. Need I say any more?
This film comes with lashings of pink and a dollop of cheese, and is the perfect pick-you-up film. (Did you know that tiramissu means 'pick me up' in Italian? Anyway...)
And best of all is that constant, 100 watt smile. Julie Andrews would be proud.


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