Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Happy Feet

Reader, I bought them.

I went shopping for a hairclip and came home with a hairclip, underwear and my dream shoes. As soon as I saw the Dune shop in Southampton, and the 'Sale' posters plastered across the windows my heart started racing. Could it be...? Could my shoes really be there, the shoes I fell in love with weeks ago and vowed to one day possess...? Dune still hadn't emailed me so perhaps they had run out of stock full stop...? And then I saw them. Elbowing the other shoppers out of the way and sending shop assistants scattering I bee-lined towards the shelves, diving on the shoes and scooping them tightly into my arms. £24.50 in the sale.

They are just as beautiful as I remember, and every time I look down at my feet they make me giggle with happiness. I even have toe cleavage when I wear them, which makes them even more fabulous. I was right, I now have very happy feet. :)


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