Thursday, 10 February 2011

Pink Week, Thursday

Day four of my pink week challenge took me to the Design Museum for a uni trip. Uni trips, it turns out, are much more exciting than school trips. Those sad affairs meant back-of-the-bus nausea, windy beaches and clipboards. Stopping off at Fleet services for 'refreshments' on the way home meant a brief sugary ecstasy that was always the highlight of the day.

LCF did us proud with a visit to the gorgeous 'Drawing Fashion' exhibition at the Design Museum accompanied by a fascinating talk with Colin McDowell.

Walking to the museum in the rain I struck a sharp contrast with the slick city buildings and grey-suited workers along the South Bank. Several of these suits turned and chuckled at me. At one point a group of friends stared and laughed hysterically, their heads turning to follow me as I walked past. Their reaction caught me off-guard. Forgetting for a brief moment my attire, I turned to my friends, "That was weird."

It has suprised me how quickly you can get used to a way of dressing. After just four days dressed like this, I forget who is the weird one.
Oh well, I'd rather weird than boring any day.


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