Monday, 14 February 2011

Red Week, Monday

What an appropriate day to start my week in red. "You look like love," said one of my coursemates as I sat down this morning. Walking down Oxford Street today the shop windows are awash with red: an explosion of red hearts here and a bunch of red balloons there that jostle and bump against a scarlet-framed window.

When I think about red I think about strength and femininity; I had almost forgotten that is also the undeniable colour of love. Valentine could be a Pantone colour in itself, so strong is the link between February the 14th and the colour red. Valentine Red is instantly evocative, conjuring to mind velvet-bellied roses and crimson kisses.

This morning I stepped out of my flat with my head held high - and not just because of the sparkly Dorothy heels I was wearing. Red is romance, but it is also confidence. It says a lot about the colour red that my boyfriend (who usually wouldn't pay particular attention to my clothes) highly approves of this week's venture.

As I left my lecture this morning my lecturer turned to me with a smile, "Red is my favourite colour too." I laughed, picturing my pink bedroom and my past week. It wasn't worth explaining...


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