Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Pink Week, Wednesday

I'm rather getting used to looking like a raspberry.

You would think that dressing head to toe in shocking pink and having bemused glances following you like a shadow would test your confidence. But by day 3 of my Pink Challenge I feel more relaxed and confident than ever. One colour dressing takes the pressure out of fashion. I'm not doing this because I'm trying to look cool - I'm doing it because it's fun. Studying fashion journalism it would be easy to surrender to Mulberry bag and stiletto heel induced insecurities. Even for the most grounded and self-assured being surrounded by fashionistas on a daily basis can give rise to an unhealthy habit of comparisons and sartorial self-doubt.

Wearing pink this week has made me stand out like a sore thumb, but it has also transported me away from all my previous wardrobe worries. Perhaps ironically, being stared at and making people laugh with my clothes has actually lifted a burden. That burden relieved, worries are also lifted and I am free to just be me. Once you stop fearing walking down the street in head to toe pink, not a lot seems that scary - and that's when you can really have fun.

My pinkness has become a talking point for my coursemates. Today someone suggested having a 'Libby Day' where everyone wears something pink to uni. Others suggested everyone comes in dressed head to toe in different colours. When I said that perhaps next week I will have to resort to red AND black due to lack of clothing, everyone was so adamant that I should continue my experiment properly that they are bringing in things from their own wardrobes for me to borrow. My madness seems to be rubbing off. And I love it.


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