Sunday, 6 February 2011

You're all Part of my Social Experiment

Today is the eve of my Pink Week challenge and I am beginning to wonder how my pink presence will be met on the tube and at uni tomorrow. Yesterday proved excellent practice at garnering stares. I spent the day running around London like a lunatic, dressed head to toe in hearts and flowers. Oh and with an apron cape, pigtails and a watering can bag.

No, that isn't just how I like to behave at the weekends - there was a method to the madness. We were filming a music video for uni that involved adopting various super hero characters. I was Libby, Girly Girl sent to defeat evil with a swish of my pink umbrella.

I may have got some weird glances, yes a few children stared and yes the man serving me at Pret a Manger struggled to remain serious, but I have to admit it was liberating being so, well, cheerful. Once you decide you don't give a damn what other people think you can start to let your hair down. Well, in a metaphorical sense - the pigtails remained plaited all day.

But despite being fun my Pink Week Challenge has a purpose. I am intrigued to see how a colour can change the way you feel and act, and importantly, the way other people treat you. Colours can have powerful meanings and cause powerful responses, therefore in order to test this theory I have decided to add another dimension to my challenge. After a week dressed in pink I plan to spend the following week in red. In shops I tend to gravitate towards the bright flashes of cherry or scarlet - but why? How are the two colours different? How do people respond to these two colours? And how much can the clothes we wear influence they way in which our days pan out?

Well enough talking, there is only one way to find out: to get dressed up tomorrow and let London answer my questions.


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