Monday, 21 February 2011

Red Week, Sunday

Fourteen days, two colours. My social experiment has come to an end.

I should be happy really. With no limits on what I can wear my wardrobe is now full of choice. Yet somehow the old combinations of greys and blacks with a few flashes of colour don't seem quite the same. I have been a walking flash of colour for two weeks.

I set out two weeks ago with the aim of discovering how colour can influence our emotions and change people's perceptions of us. It has been a fascinating task to put fashion to the test and discover that colour can be a powerful thing. In pink I felt cheerful and girly, and was treated accordingly. In red I walked tall.

My friend went shopping recently and tells me she avoided everything black and white because of my experiment, leaving instead with armfuls of colour.

I may have done this as a social experiment, but it also ties in with a style revolution that has been bubbling in fashion. Colour blocking is big news. As I hungrily consume images from the latest catwalk shows there is one look that keeps cropping up and making me smile. Head to toe colours, and in particular, head to toe red.

I may have turned heads but it has also felt completely refreshing to detox my wardrobe, if only for two weeks.

Whether you like it or not, your clothes a talking about you. When you walk down the street they give a message to the world about the person underneath them, and as I have found over these two weeks, they can also change the way you walk down that street. Black and grey may always be the safe, chic option. But colour is vibrant, confident and interesting. And why wouldn't you want to be all of those things?


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