Thursday, 17 February 2011

Red Week, Thursday

"You're looking, um, colourful today."

Yes I am. But that doesn't mean you have to sing the Postman Pat theme tune at me.

Just three days left of my week in red, and those three days will be a real test of this experiment, (and my nerve) as they will be spent at Somerset House. This weekend I am assisting a street style photographer at London Fashion Week.

My first fashion week experience was in October when I was interning at Cosmo. It will be exciting to be back, and interesting to focus this time on the outfits queuing to go in rather than strutting down the runway.

This is fashion week of course, so I'm sure I shall see a fair few heels tackling the treacherous cobbles of the Somerset House courtyard. I wonder how many pairs will be red. And I wonder how many of these red-heeled fashionistas will also be wearing red tights. And a red dress. And a red jacket...

I have come this far - I have been chased down the street by a drunken man, I have been laughed at and pointed at. But this fashion experiment won't be over until I have painted London Fashion Week red.


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