Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Pink Week, Tuesday

"Your favourite colour isn't blue by any chance?", says the bus driver with a wink as I swipe my oyster card with one hand, the other clutching my pink union jack basket. Sitting down by the window a smile and the sun spread across my face.

Day 2 of my Pink Challenge and it felt as if spring had arrived. This was helped, of course, by the fact that I was wearing a jumper emblazoned with bunny rabbits. On the bus a little girl in a pink coat looked up at me, wide-eyed and grinning; it seems I wasn't the only one who thought that bunnies plus jumper equaled wonderful.

Today I took pink to Sheperd's Bush - my uni base from Tuesday till Thursday.

Maybe it was the mild weather and sudden burst of sunshine giving winter a beating, but people in Sheperd's Bush were loving pink today.

Walking down Sheperd's Bush Road I was met by smiles peppered with the occasional, "hellooo." Admittedly, all from men. One Italian stopped me in my tracks, "You are a flower: beautiful." Creepiness swept aside, it did make me think about the gloomy prospect of returning to normality. I want to look like a flower every day.

In Tesco the man serving me was unTescoishly cheerful: "You look lovely today. What a lovely pink colour. Have a great day darling." When people are that nice to you how could you fail to have a good day?

Maybe pink puts people at ease. In the case of my Tesco experience: dressed like that I didn't exactly look like a shifty shoplifter. With associations of fairy princesses and mums in aprons, pink can create an aura of 'nice'ness (whether this niceness matches the wearer or not is another matter) that incites kindness. And, the potent colour of feminity, it also seems to stir the best manners amongst the male population.

I love how supportive my coursemates are of my pinkness. "Stand up then Libby, we want to see what you're wearing," "Your jumper is so cute," and "Hey Pinkie," headed my way as I arrived to my lecture.

When one of my friends walked in, however he looked horrified. For one terrifying moment I thought he was going to cry, or scream, or worse - both. When I asked him what was wrong he pointed to my shorts in horror, "THEY'RE BLUE!"

It looks like I will just have to dye the entire contents of my wardrobe. This pink thing seems to be sticking.


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